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. . . life is tough when there's no one to haunt : (
Age: 152 years old . . . ummm . . . let's make that 29
Residence: my lonely castle . . . in the countryside
State: Transylvania of course!
Country: Romania

Lightning Mistress Caryl's Favorite Castles (desktop themes/screensavers too)! Lightning

Wellll . . . Mistress Caryl doesn't like to fib -- this lovely castle is actually The Marksburg.
Built in the 1200's, it is the only undestroyed castle on the Rhein.
To visit this, Dracula's and other HAUNTED castles,
Click the Image!

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You want to know about ME???? How BORING . . . .

What about a little story? THAT might be more suitable to this time of year. It was after midnight . . . the moon drifting behind clouds . . .

My Avocation:

Flames Mistress of the Manor -- and on with the story. You could hear the breeze rustling through the trees. Cold, so cold . . . the sound of wolves howling in the night . . .

When it IS Halloween . . .

I enjoy looking up the Mistress of the Dark herself, Elvira!

Click to Visit Elvira!

When it's NOT Halloween?
Flames Ahhhh yes -- knitting scarves from spider webs -- baking cookies with eye-of-newt decorations; and puppy dog tails -- I can't forget my puppy dog tail recipes! Just your typical little homebody! And on we go . . . ohhh . . . to be home in front of a blazing fire . . . wait . . . what was that sound . . . . mpffldfgggggghhh . . . .

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Now, I'll light the way to fun for young Ghosties of ALL ages . . . . Candle


Halloween Carnival Game From Playtonium - (Click Image to Play) Download Shockwave!

CLICK TO VISIT Kid-Friendly Halloween Ideas from Southern Living!

CLICK TO VISIT Interactive Halloween Games (Loads of Fun for All Ages!)

CLICK TO VISIT Help The Little Girls Get Ready for Halloween (Virtual Salon)!

CLICK TO VISIT Martha Stewart's Halloween Central!

Everything Halloween

Halloween Safety Guide (from Halloween Online)

Spooky, Scary Halloween Recipes (from Better Homes and Gardens)

CLICK TO VISIT Halloween - Eat, Drink, and Be Scary!! from Food Network (Click Image to Visit!)

Click to Download! Penguins Halloween Desktop Theme
                                           (Click Image for 2.2 MB download)

Penguins Screensaver (goes with Desktop Theme, above) (1.8 MB download)

Trick or Treaters Screensaver for Kids! (407K download; from Hershey Foods)

TERRIFIC Animated Halloween E-cards from Playtonium!

Kid-Friendly Halloween Meals & Snacks!

Grave Marker Game (112.89K download; puts a Halloween spin on Minesweeper)

It's a PastryWiz Halloween (Recipes, Tips, Planning, and More)!

Halloween Cards for All Ages!

ASPCA Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Click to Download! Looney Tunes' Attack of the Tweety Zombies
                             (NOTE: May be too scary for very young children. Click Image for 683 KB download)

Halloween Crafts for Kids (from DLTK)

Halloween Party Games (from Better Homes and Gardens)

Click to Download! Casper Treasure Hunt Game
             (Click Image for 1.32 MB download; see ReadMe file!)

Free Halloween e-Cards from 123Greetings.com (Terrific!)

Click to Download! Casper the Ghost Halloween Desktop Theme
                                 (Click Image for 1.78 MB download; see ReadMe file!)

Halloween Party Recipes for Kids from About.com

Zucche Magiche (My Favorite Halloween Screensaver!)

Click to Download! CARTOON NETWORK Scooby Doo in Monster Manor Game
              (Click Image for 2.60 MB download; see ReadMe file!)

The Kraft Foods Halloween Center

Halloween Recipe Fun from Hershey's!

Halloween Teddy Screensaver

Click to Download! Halloween Teddy Desktop Theme
                        (Click Image for 1.22 MB download; see ReadMe file!)

Click to Download! Black Cat Halloween Desktop Theme (Click Image for 307 KB download!)

Halloween Backgrounds for Kids (5)

Halloween Screensavers for Kids (Billy Bear and Spooks)

Halloween Pictures to Download, Print and Color!

Halloween at Spoonful.com!

Halloween Magazine: fun, family, safety, crafts, trick-or-treat and more

Haunted Halloween on Kate.net

Billy Bear's Halloween Page

WinZip Shareware (for Desktop Themes)

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